How to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

June 19, 2018

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, but there is no magic pill that can make you thin in a month. However, there are several ways that you can jumpstart your weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

Keep yourself hydrated:

This is the most basic and easiest way to jumpstart your weight loss. Drinking a lot of water and detoxifying herbal teas will help you flush all the harmful toxins from your body, boosting your metabolism by improving the efficiency of your thyroid functioning. Drink five glasses of water daily at the very least to keep your body at its best. Drinking a lot of water and herbal teas, especially first thing in the morning and before meals, will also curb your hunger and prevent you from binge eating.

Get enough sleep:

Your diet, your workout, and all the water that you consume will go to waste if you fail to get enough quality sleep. Good sleep help to keep your hormones and your mood balanced. If your hormones and your mood are balanced, then your body will function more efficiently and will keep all your unnecessary cravings at bay. Make sure to give yourself a peaceful night of at least eight hours.

Hot lemon water:

Drinking hot lemon water early in the morning before breakfast helps fire up your metabolism. Add some cayenne pepper for extra burn!

Health shots:

Another way you can fire up your metabolism is by having a health shot of lemon, honey, ginger, and turmeric first thing in the morning. It might not be the best thing you’ve ever tasted, but it has a dramatic impact on your metabolism.

Pre-workout hydration:

Drinking loads of water or green tea before a workout is an easy and efficient way to burn twice the amount of calories that you usually do.


Exercises that keep your heartbeat up are another way to burn a lot more calories and jumpstart your weight loss. You can add exercises like planks, burpees, and jumping jacks to get your heart pumping.

Keep active:

Some studies have shown that people who get up from their office chairs regularly, or those who walk around every 30 min can burn up to 500 more calories a day.

Spice is the key:

Spicy food burns more calories during digestion because it can fire up your metabolism. Add a few more spicy foods, like hot peppers, to your diet. You can add jalapeno in almost any dish you like, even in your eggs. Spices also add a ton of flavor with little to no calories.

Eat only when you are hungry:

People tendo to believe that eating five or six small meals throughout the day instead of eating three large meals is better, however that can lead to making people eat even when they are not hungry, which is a pitfall. If you keep listen to your body and only eat when you are truly hungry, your body will learn to work more efficiently and will burn more calories instead of having to constantly store them.

Drink black coffee once a day:

If you are a fan of coffee, drinking pure black coffee at least once a day can boost the rate at which your body burns calories.


Losing weight is not meant to be an expeditious activity; your body does not function that way. These tips should be practiced along with a healthy diet and exercise for best results, but they may be able to give your body that little extra boost it needs to power into weight loss mode.

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