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June 7, 2018

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Many of you have followed me for some time and have seen the site go away for a while. The last two years have been of many changes: career wise, relationships and more importantly, moving countries twice. I decided to give a new face to the website and align it with what I am living today. Here I share with you a little of my trajectory …

Two years ago, I moved to Europe from Brazil for a new job, and although I was super-fulfilled and excited, the job left me exhausted as I was literally on a plane every week. About a year later, I moved to where I am currently living, and that is when I pressed the ‘pause button’ to find out what my next professional step would be.

I consider myself to be a highly eclectic person in every way, and highly adaptable. I get along with everyone and I have great appreciation for different cultures. I have a passion for travel (obviously), for new adventures and for gastronomic discoveries (yum!). Nevertheless, I cannot deny that I still love fashion and I want to continue exploring that world, perhaps bringing you insights on the eco-friendly and sustainable movement.

I have worked in so many different areas of fashion such as magazine, public relations, marketing, social media, as well as in the motorsport world generating online content. Also will add to my resume the bits of social work I’ve done in Africa, which I count on picking up on soon again.

So as you can see, deciding my next step professionally was not an easy task.

I realized that there was one thing (or a set of things) that persisted throughout most of my life: Health&Wellness and Beauty. Health and Wellness is just a fancy way of describing everything that involves what we eat (nutrition) and how we live (well-being). I have always had an overflowing curiosity to find information, to discover the latest news and to implement them in my life. Of course I have not been 100% healthy my whole life, far from it. But it is through my own health journey that I learned more and more about myself and discover strategies that worked for me.

I also realized that many things that worked for me did not necessarily work for another person. And people are constantly looking for improvements but are forgetting to listen to the most important person: themselves.

And it was this ‘aha’ moment that led me to my Integrative Nutrition course to become a  ‘Health Coach’. Health coaching helps guide you to make the best decisions according to your goals. Coaching respects above all your bio-individuality and works to balance every aspect of your life. To learn more, visit my information page here.

I am very happy with this new phase, and happy to share it with you. Stay connected to see my posts, from lifestyle to beauty, from nutrition to travels, from recipes to my favorite products … I am using this space to share all my discoveries with you.

Hope you like it!








This post also avaiable in: pt-brPT

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