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    • Quarantine & Chill 🦦
    • With grandpa ❤️
    • 8 months ago this little creature came into my life to make me the happiest mamma alive 💗 I love you so much my P #BabyP | P.S.: these pics were taken when she was 6 months 💘
    • Wake me in 2021 (via @michelgaubert)
    • In a moment where days of the week don’t even make a difference anymore, here’s a little #MondayMotivation 😅 Exercise not only to stay fit but to stay sane 💪🏼💆🏻‍♀️
    • Quarantine day 9: embrace your alter ego 🪐
    • The world is at a standstill yet changing by the minute. It’s scary and real but all we can do is wait. Take the time to do things you’ve always complained not to have the time for. Appreciate your family and loved ones. Be introspective. Be aware. Be cautious. Stay home. Stay positive ✨ #QuarantineSilverLining
    • 🖤
    • Me and the person who made me a stronger and better woman 💘💪🏼 #BabyP #HappyinternationalWomensDay